Social Media Optimization

Evolving Graphics is a digital marketing company that merges aggressive SEO for business with an optimized social media strategy that leverages consumer insights to mirror customer intent and behavior. We take your voice, your brand, and your story and adapt a social media marketing strategy that will inspire consumers to share your story, and utilize your products and services.

Our social media strategies are truly customized to each individual client. When you partner with Evolving Graphics your social media marketing solution will include:


·      Segmentation and audience targeting

·      Engagement pattern analysis

·      Customized channel-specific content

·      Competitive research and intelligence

·      Custom branding profile to humanize

·      Optimized content creation

·      Online reputation management

·      Social listening

·      Keyword research


Evolving Graphics blends your social media platforms with advanced SEO fuel that will ignite your online visibility like a rocket blasting through the atmosphere! But how can social media increase business?


Social Media Increases Business

A lot of social media companies out there will simply post content through an online profile they created, and with dismal results. Evolving Graphics increases business growth and lead generation by truly researching raw data, testing parameters, using best practices, and creating an optimized social media solution that:


·      Increases engagement

·      Increases click-through-rates

·      Reduces bounce rate

·      Builds consumer loyalty and trust

·      Grants advanced brand personalization and development

·      Sends powerful social signals to your website

·      Increases your website’s domain authority



We work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google + the way Rembrandt worked with paint! Remember, people buy from people they like, and our optimized social media services showcase your voice, your face, and promote trust while highlighting the humanity behind your brand. Call us today for a free consultation, and let our social media wizards conjure up an inspiring strategy that will make your online footprint shine with magic-like authority!